Aktuel kunstner

Aktuel kunstner

Februar og marts måneds kunstner i Det Bruunske er Tim Jones.
Tim Jones er født i London i 1975. Tim har studeret kunst og design på Amersham College. Senere har han tilbragt 2 år i Frankring, 3 år i SPanien og for tiden bor han i København hvor han fortsætter med at male.

Tim Jones skriver om sig selv:
A deal of my recent works are collage, paper. i use mainly fashion, science and nature magasines. i cut and rip paper to glue onto the canvas. This gives a pop feel to the images. Sometimes almost kitsch. I like to play with the words and associate them with the motive, generaly in a fun way. Bright colours and contrast is how i like to build up the pictures. It is fun to see the paper cut outs close up, and then step away to get the whole picture.

My painting work is somewhat different, in that i take inspiration from Copenhagen city, people and impressionism. I take much more time and consideration in my painting method. Recently i have found that looking directly in window reflections breaks up lines and colour in an amazing way. I see the whole colour spectrum being broken up, and objects splitting. Window glass can act as a polariser, prisom or a mirror all at the same time. fascinating.

My favourite artists can change from time to time. I prefer naturalistic art. Here are my favourites at the momant.

Jenny Saville
Der er fernisering søndag den 3. februar kl. 15.

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